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Thoughts on Art

So you have a space that you'd like to put some art. Perhaps you're updating a bedroom, adding life into a living room, or starting from scratch with a new place. Maybe you've just upgraded to an office and you want some art to make the space more welcoming. It's exciting to be in the market for art- but it can often feel overwhelming, and perhaps a little unclear as to where to start, and how to move forward once you do.

The first tip I like to give is this: when it comes to adding art to your world, be patient. The worst thing is to rush decorating, because you might end up buying a bunch of things just to take up space. It will feel good at first, but over time, it will start to feel stale… maybe even uninspired. Then you won’t only be faced with the problem of how to decorate, but also how to get rid of (and warrant doing so) the stuff you already have.Wait for the pieces you love to show up, and then pounce on them. Let yourself discover your art as you move through life. The right pieces will find you.

Speaking of right pieces, how do I know what I should buy? What is right is what speaks to your heart. Repeat after me, "it doesn't have to match the couch". Art is about you and your life experiences. It is about your thoughts, your dreams, your likes, your depths as a human. When you see a piece out there in the world, take a second to get quiet. Look at it, and pay attention to what happens inside of you. Don’t worry about explaining it, don’t worry about if it is right or not, just experience the art. You’ll know when it is something you want in your life. 

With that said- there are some opportunities for matching art to “themes” or “vibes” of your spaces. For example, I use the bedroom for pieces that make me feel kind of calm, maybe a little even spiritual or, gasp, sexy! The kitchen celebrates.. well food obviously, but more so than that, it celebrates community. The living room is my husbands… it celebrates his favorite movies. The bathroom, beauty. And my office? I use inspiration there. Lastly, our entry way is for family, knowing they are always with us in our adventures. Whatever you come up with will be unique to you! My brother and sister-in-law are the type that buy things they love, and then simply fill every. single. spot. on the walls with work (floors to ceiling). I freaking love going to their house, and will eventually become the same way because, why the heck not.

So now you know to get pieces that speak to your heart, to be patient and to consider the feeling you want to create in the space. 

Next thing to do is to keep an eye out at local coffee shops, galleries and booth events for pieces you like. Get to know artists through their Instagram, their websites or by chatting them up. Creating context around a piece can be profound. Your art might be local, but it also might not be! Reach out when you like a piece and talk to the artist about it. Set up a payment plan if need be. 

Start looking for art and you will find it! Happy hunting!

A note about switching out art- the number of times I've heard someone say "I love this but I'm out of wall space" is not too many, but it's enough to just break my heart.  Never feel guilty or bad about switching out the art around you. We change, so, so can our art. Even my husband recently considered his framed movie posters and thought out loud, “should we maybe move these? They just take up a lot of room.” If he can do it, so can you! 

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