Notes from the Blue Desk. "It's about How you do it"

Dear friend, 

Hello! I hope you are well. I just wanted to write and tell you about this cool new journalling technique I’ve started doing. I don’t think I got it from anywhere in particular… it just made sense to me to do it this way one day. 

At the beginning of every week, I’ve started answering two questions for myself. “How do I want to feel at the end of today?” and “How do I want to feel at the end of this week?” Without doubt, somehow “hydrated” is one of the most consistent answers. Isn’t that random and also kind of… hilarious in its simplicity? Other answers that pop up are: “like I worked hard,” “satisfied,” “Hopeful,” “brave,” “connected to my husband,” “physically spent” “connected to the world,” “energetic,” “free to have fun,” There’s probably more, but you get the idea.

I have discovered that this is completely reframing my to-do list. Everything I do now is done with a goal in mind not of completion of a task, but in a groundwork for a positive experience. For example, before I might have stated on a to-do list, “go for walk with Huckleberry.” Before long, that feels like a chore, and when it comes time to do it… well, I’m a lot more likely to um, just not. But by noticing one thing I want to feel is “connected to the world,” and I know walks do that for me, the walk becomes way, way, way more appealing. And, even if I’m on the fence, I’m more likely to think, “ya know, I do want that feeling. I’m going for it.” I’ve also found myself drinking a lot more water every time I walk by the sink! 

The other thing it lets me do is put things to rest. As a self employed artist, it is painfully easy to never stop thinking about work, or to even stop working. But if I’ve done the things all week that I know will make me feel “accomplished,” at the end of the week I can start my weekend feeling positive and free to enjoy life outside of the studio, which also sets me up for success starting next week because I am refreshed. 

All this was summed up beautifully in a quote I caught from the movie, “The Farewell.” If you haven’t seen it yet- it is on Amazon Prime, and is fantastic. There is also an original story about it as an episode on “This American Life,” and I may have even enjoyed the movie more because I listened to that story first. Anwway- the quote is from the grandmother who, upon hearing her granddaughter say she feels like she’s not accomplishing as much as other people her age, responds with, “Life is not just about what you do. It's more about how you do it.”

What this tells me is this: If you want to be relaxed, do things in a relaxed way. If you want to be rested, do things in a restful way. If you want joy, do things in a joyful way. I can’t tell if this is a super basic thing that a lot of people already understand, but for me… its revolutionary.

I hope you have a good week! Keep in mind that I do sell journals, (which I use), and if you try this out and see something happen, let me know! 

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  • Carol on

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this Kay! You are so right. This is a simple sounding concept, but not always easy to do. Being mindful about why and how we do things is a great start! Thank you.

  • Holly Oemke on

    Thanks for sharing! I love this ideas (and hand lettering) can’t wait to meditate and try it!

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