Oh Boy! It's a new year!

Man, there is just something I absolutely love about the beginning of the year. I love the idea that all metrics start over, that we have a way to measure the chapters of our lives. 2019 is behind us, and no matter what has happened, we get to choose and try to make this next block of time the best we can! 

 I am a believer in determining the direction of your life by imagining what you want it to look like and then... here is the trick... just doing it. Everything can't and won't ever change overnight, and not everything needs to change. But what does- for your own self- can happen starting in the smallest actions and increments. 

Here is another way to explain it. My husband and I had the pleasure of attending a lecture by retired astronaut Scott Kelly at Montana State University last year. In the large amphitheater, Scott held all of our attention with his humor and bright shiny bald head. His talk was simultaneously awe-inspiring, relatable, and quite entertaining. One story struck me with it's simple genius.When he was training to become a pilot in the Navy, after a somewhat perilous experience during a test, his flight teacher gave him this lesson. During flight, Scott was never really doing anything wrong, but he also wasn't making constant positive corrections. Those positive corrections are what keep your flight safe and successful. If you just kind of let things happen, before you know it you will be somewhere, in some situation that you don't want. (See more about this amazing and super friendly guy at: Scottkelly.com, and check out his amazing photographs! If he comes to your area, go see him!) Needless to say, Scott learned his lesson and continued to have one of the most badass careers ever. 

So my mantra, for the new year, is "positive corrections." And it can be your's too! Every time I clean that dish instead of ignoring it, or exercise instead of not, or choose a salad over take-out, or whatever it is, it's worth celebrating. 

This is a good place to stop if you'd like. Otherwise... my long winded typing self is going to go on...


Now, some work talk! 

I am SO excited to see what 2020 brings for Blue Desk Art. My main focus is to create my wholesale note card lines. As I have wandered through the world of art for the last 5 years, I have tried many things, and have always found myself back at a place where I make cute, whimsical work rich with meaning, or joy, that is best shared. Note cards are the best way to share art, and I love that they are interactive. I make the art, but you write the card. So that is really exciting to me.

Because a lot of my work includes book pages, I am excited to reach out to the world of Indie book stores around the country. Having followed a lot of them on Instagram for the last few months, and paying attention to what they're saying and doing, I have gained a lot of respect and appreciation for the role they play in their communities. Events, intellect, diversity, inclusion, a general love for the stories of humanity- it all makes me super pumped. I believe wholeheartedly that stories are like the Force. They connect all living things and make the world magical. 

The loss of my father in July has slowed me down a good deal, and I'm still not really ready to talk about it much, but I feel myself coming back and functioning again. Grief is rough ya'll. I'm sure too many of you know it. So, even though the year is starting off a little behind where I wanted to be (I wanted more note card designs finished), I know that life takes its time and patience is key. 

Okay! Deep breath, but one last thing I am excited about. I've always liked teaching art to people, and have had great opportunities in my community to do so. I've always focused quite a bit on technique and the more fundamental aspects as I do believe any artist should have them in their pocket. But, I'm starting to play with the idea of a more creative approach. Helping each other find our own creative voices and interests, and how to pursue that. It's just a vague idea right now, but I'm going to let it percolate as I work on the note-card foundation.

Cheers to you. I hope you are well, and that you remember these things most in the next year: kindness to yourself and others, patience with the days and hours, and positive corrections can happen at any time. <3 <3 




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