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Hi Friend! 

This week has been a good one. After a trip to visit my late father’s wife, I drove the 17 hours home by myself. It was very good to remember that I am capable of a task like that, and it was also good to remember that I don’t particularly love long trips in the car. I did, however, have the chance to binge a bunch of podcasts, including but not limited to The Moth, Proof to Product, The Adventure Zone and The Skeptics Guide to the Universe.

The Moth

I cannot get enough of this podcast. Storytellers share their stories in front of live audiences without props or cards, and then those recordings are put out on the radio (podcasts). The stories are SO varied- for example they range from choosing a dress to wear to a divorce hearing to fleeing war torn countries. I love them because they always get to the heart of the human. Even if the details are not relatable, they do such a great job of creating a shared experience, and more than once I’ve had tears of joy and sadness just by listening. This always just reaffirms my thought- that stories are what connect us. They are how we can learn, grown and be kinder to each other.

Proof to Product by Katie Hunt: 

My business mind loves a good business podcast, and I was turned onto this one by Taylor of Pen & Pillar. I’ll admit, I’m always a little skeptical about podcasts promising to teach artists how to be a successful business. I guess I’ve been let down a few times. However, after dipping my toe into these episodes a few times, I am now not only a committed listener, but I have signed up for Katie’s upcoming Paper Camp E-course, which Taylor also recommended. I love this podcast because she interviews business owners about their stories and just by osmosis, I start thinking of my own circumstances differently. She really promotes knowing your version of success, having your own voice, and building a community that helps each other. I dig it, and start the course on March 2nd! Yay!

The Adventure Zone by the McElroys

Okay, so here we are… I love this podcast so much. It is a fictional story created by three brothers and their dad and it centers around.. yup, Dungeons and Dragons. It started as just kind of a comedy scenario, while they learned how to navigate the game. But, by episode (who knows.. Like 30?) they have developed these amazing characters with backstories and motivations. I play this when I want to just relax and have a good time. There is adventure (who knew?) and humor, and yup, they’ve even made me cry a couple of times. 

The Skeptics Guide to the Universe: 

This is my most “current times” type of podcast. The skeptics review pseudo scientific  news claims, teach me about critical thinking, and make a few nerdy jokes along the way. Sometimes, I have no idea what they are talking about, but they do a pretty good job of breaking things down so that I can understand what they’re talking about. The respect I have for these guys is immense, and also… I’m a huge fan of Douglas Adams (the absurdist author of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.) 

So, those are my top podcasts! What do you listen to on the regular? Let me know- I’m always looking to add to my list since I seriously listen to them A LOT. :-)

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