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Inspiration Story Series Thoughts on Art

There have been times, in life, when struggling with a circumstance or thoughts has lead me to take a walk. One of these times was when I was quite young, and I found myself walking a trail outside of Bozeman. The sun was cool, and the air smelled like bark and leaves getting ready to fall. Struck by the beauty of it all, I felt so connected, like I was really there. I could feel the trees growing slowly around me, and their slow, steady growth despite external happenings, gave me reassurance and hope.
When I went to make this painting, I connected with that moment. I wanted it to feel like you are there, and I wanted the trees to come to life, so I gave them their stories. I used book pages from a favorite fairy tale type story-one about a young girl rescuing herself and the world she is in. It just happened to work out wonderfully thaat the text also mimics white bark quite well!

Prints of this piece are available at, and until December 10th, 50% of the proceeds will go to support the @ParkCountyCancerAlliance, who give a lot to folks dealing with cancer. Please consider this as a present to a loved one or yourself, and a present that gives forward to help people continue their growth and stories.

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