The way we spend our days 

Inspiration Magic Self Care Story Series

The way you spend your days is the way you spend your life. This is something really important to keep in mind in our ever productive and busy lifestyle. Even as an artist (my dream job yo!), when I'm focusing on building the business and finishing up the to do list, I need to remind myself of the big question, “how do I want to be as I go about my life.” Finding joy, finding peace, and living with a net-positive mindset is not reserved for mythical spirit changing trips or large revelations, but is found in the daily moments... like when the computer crashes, and you get to decide to either be frustrated and upset or accept it and remember joy despite the hiccups. That is what it means to say that to live our days is to live our lives.

Sketch for Tree Swing Painting Blue Desk Art

Of course, I’m not saying we can be positive 100% of the time or anything. Sometimes things ARE really upsetting or frustrating, and that is just the reality. But for the more minor things, it is very valuable to watch and choose reactions based on an overall goal.  Just my thoughts these days! 

Sketch that turned into "Tree Swing," found here. 

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