When Art Speaks, what does it Say?

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Have you ever looked at art and wondered, what is the point?

Me too. Pieces of art can seem like they're just passive decorations. They don't play music, they don't move, they don't tell us to buy this or that product to benefit our lives. They are meant to fill an awkward living room wall space with something decorative... but not much else. Right? Right?  

No! I mean, maybe.. how else is "art" used? 

In our world we are constantly bombarded by images meant to sell to us. The louder the image (meaning in boldness, colors, shock value, sexiness etc), the more they hold your attention and BAM, the more likely you are to notice (and eventually buy) the product. Conversely, "Art" (with a capital A) seems hidden away behind gallery glass, protected from the average person by high price tags and abstract thought processes that we feel we need an entire college degree to understand. 

Lets reclaim our visual space...

Purchasing art for your home or your office doesn't have to be about following a color pattern or couch aesthetic, or purchasing the most pricey piece in the neighborhood. It is about finding work that means something to you, that brings you some joy, humor, calm, inspiration, perspective... anything you might like to add to your day.

Think of it as a daily supplement.

Surround yourself with work that adds to your life. Maybe it reminds you of a place, a person, a time, a thought, an emotion, and experience, a joke... it's your choice! And that's the beauty of it. Make that choice intentionally and your space becomes a tool for your everyday happiness. Surround yourself with art that reflects your unique perspective! 


Here are some of mine!

Um, and yes, I've accidentally become a member of the "I'll get a frame for that soon!" club.

 Why do I have them? These are prints by Jim Bachor. I learned about him through a podcast years ago, and have followed him on instagram ever since. I simply love what he does- he takes pot holes and makes them into art. Really skilled, amazing art.

I had a few extra bucks a bit ago and thought, boy, I'd like to buy an art! So, I went to his site and found his flower series and purchased 3 8x10" prints. What do they do for me?

What do they mean to me?

They remind me daily to find beauty in the "pot holes" of life- that we can create beauty even in the ugly spots along our life roads. And, they just make me happy because I really love flowers! As an added bonus- they are great conversation makers with people who come by the house. We talk about what a cool guy Jim is, about the potholes and about art- all thanks to these prints! And, I secretly hope it offers the idea to them too- to create beauty in potholes.

Let me know what you think...

I'd love to hear from you- what pieces have you bought and what do they mean to you?

Also, check out all of my prints to see what they mean to me, why I made them, and what they might mean to you~!

 <3 you, you magical creature.



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