About Me

Hi! I’m Kay, and I started Blue Desk Art to create fun and shareable artwork that spreads joy, love and understanding.

Iinherited the blue desk from my mother, who used to sit at it and write her stories. Since then, I have let the paint fly, and followed my passion to create art daily at the desk. It reminds me of my mom, and of the importance to follow our hearts.
Since 2014, I have worked to create art that stirs the soul and adds a smile to the lips. I like to imagine my work in the hands of my customers, as someone writes a note to a loved one, or hangs it on the fridge as a reminder of the connections we have to each other. I like to think that on occasion, a person will look at a piece and think, “Oh wow. That’s how I see it too,” and the piece will give them a little support.

As a company, Blue Desk Art values quality and a unique perspective. I believe that if I add something to the world, it should improve lives, connect people, be inclusive, and be personal.

I aim to please, and I like to get to know people. My favorite things to do, outside of making and sharing art, include taking walks around the neighborhood with my dog, eating delicious dinners cooked by my husband, and being an active member of my community.

Thank you for your interest in my line, and please let me know how I can help you.


Kay Potter