Hair Stories Original
Blue Desk Art

Hair Stories Original

This painting is an original acrylic painting with collaged book pages,sized at 18"x24". It is painted on 1/8" thick canvas board- easy for framing and shipping! 

 Women are neat. Like, just in general, women are really amazing awesome humans. We get together with our friends over coffee and tea, or maybe something a bit stronger, and we share who we are with each other.

Our hair is one of the most fun ways we represent ourselves, and we celebrate what it says about us. Have you had it up in a pony for the last 5 years because you've been working hard and busy? Did you get a cut and dye to mark an important event in your life? Do you get to rock the hair of your ancestors because you are proud of your heritage? Whatever the story, be proud.

Side note- this painting has led to some truly incredible story telling and sharing in the studio. I've learned new things about friends I've known for years. It is a really good conversation starter!

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