Shooting Stars Original
Blue Desk Art

Shooting Stars Original

This painting is an original acrylic painting with collaged book pages,sized at 18"x24". It is painted on 1/8" thick canvas board- easy for framing and shipping! 

The beautiful blues and purples of the piece inspire reflection and calm, and the rain clouds and drops create an ethereal feel. There is both delicacy and strength in this piece.

We cannot deny that there are grey days in our lives, and times when tears must fall. It is not pleasant to go through these times, but they come as surely as the rain in the spring. 

Here is the thing. I believe these rainy days (metaphorically speaking) have purpose, and that they water the beauty we also see in our lives. This painting is to offer comfort when going through hard times, and to give faith that something beautiful will grow and blossom again. 

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