Sunflower Cycle Original
Blue Desk Art

Sunflower Cycle Original

This painting is an original acrylic painting with collaged book pages,sized at 18"x24". It is painted on 1/8" thick canvas board- easy for framing and shipping! 

Everything has a cycle. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. Youth, Middle Age, Old Age. The small start of an idea, the growth of it into a movement, and the fading of it with time. 

We can't always see where we are in the cycle of the story we are in. We may urgently want to be fully bloomed in summer, but we are still just popping out of a seedling in spring. So, this print reminds us to respect each stage of the cycle and realize they are all necessary. 

As well, it comforts us when something is over, because likely, nothing is ever actually over. It plants the seed for the next spring. 

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